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SofStop wall pads

SofStopTM wall pads provide heavy duty protection for all indoor recreation areas.

   · Gymnasiums
   · Training Areas
   · Rehabilitation Centers
   · Play & Activity Rooms
   · Wrestling Rooms


SofStopTM wall pads are manufactured with the highest quality materials available.

   · Standard Fillers Available
     1 1/2" & 2" Thick polyurethane foam - 90 ILD*
     6 lbs. Bonded Foam
     1 1/4" Ethafoam
     SofStopTM Fire Guard Foam**
   · 14 oz. PSY, Vinyl Laminated Polyester Covering***
   · Optional Vonar Interliner
   · 7/16" OSB backing
SofStop wall pads


SofStopTM wall pads are available in standard & custom sizes,
as well as 15 vibrant colors.

   *Indentation Load Deflection
 **Fire Retardant - Registered with State of California Fire Marshal F-222
***Meets ASTM E84 Flame spread requirements (BOCA Standards)