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Basketball Goals

Metro basketball goals are carefully designed with fewer parts and require less concrete for installation than other goals on the market today. That means you've guaranteed a structurally sound goal that is safer, more durable, and easier to install

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Plexiglas Goal for Outdoors

US$661.00 Installed*

Our most popular outdoor goal features a heavy duty, easy-to-assemble adjustable square post. Goal is mounted through the Plexiglas onto solid welded braces to protect the glass. Mounting arms are welded solid and all steel parts are powder-coated black for long lasting protection.

Fiberglas Goal for Outdoors

US$581.00 Installed*

Same solid construction as our Plexiglas model, but backboard is made of Fiberglas.

Super Crank Goal for Outdoors

US$903.00 Installed*

The Plexiglas board and goal are mounted on a heavy duty square post with a 4-foot offset. Unique worm gear winch mechanism allows easy adjustments by simply cranking to desired height. The Super Crank is also available with a breakaway goal for additional cost.

The Collegiate Jam by Gared

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Now offering a 5" post with 36" offset,42" x 60" x 3/8" acrylic or glass backboard, breakaway rim.

Institutional Goal for Outdoors

The steel backboard and 4-1/2-inch post make this goal virtually indestructible. Well-suited for use in parks and school- yards, the institutional goal features a 45-degree bent post with a 3-foot offset. US$1,259.00 Installed* (Includes breakaway rim).

Portable Plexiglass Goal for Indoors

This goal features our same pole as with the outdoor goal and a padded 500 pound base on a 4 inch swivel casters. Well-suited for use in parks and school- yards, the institutional goal features a 45-degree bent post with a 3-foot offset.

Portable Super Crank Goal for Indoors

This versatile goal incorporates all of our most popular features. A 3ft X 4ft Plexiglas backboard with a solid steel goal is mounted on a sturdy single steel post easily adjusted with the worm gear winch. The padded 500-pound base on 4-inch swivel casters allows easy mobility, making this goal a good choice for school and church use.

Wall Mount Goal for Indoors

A practical and inexpensive approach to teaching basketball skills, the wall mount goal is an excellent choice for schools. The goal is mounted on a steel foundation plate that is attached to cinder block walls with toggle bolts. Goal can be easily removed after play.

Indoor Basketball Goal Gallery

We offer a variety of options for our overhead goals including stationary mount and retractable to meet your specific needs. Backboards are offered in Glass, Steel and Fiberglass. Optional manual and electric height adjusters, manual or electric winches to raise and lower goals.

Titan Goal

The Titan Goal features a 42" x 72" NCAA glass backboard BA29 Break-A-Way rim with net, and cushioned edge padding on the backboard, mounted on a 6" pole that is square tubing with a 3/16" wall thickness pole.

Padding shown is available at an additional cost. US$2385.00 Installed*

Outdoor Basketball Goal Gallery

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*Installed price for Only 50 mile radius of Bimingham, AL