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Snapback Goal Here are more basketball goals, backboards and equipments that we offer

Snap Back Goal

The NBA conducted their own independent test to determine the best rim for the best basketball players in the world. The Snap Back was selected above all other rims to be used exclusively in all NBA arenas. It remains the exclusive rim. You'll find the same unchallenged quality in every product we make

  • Used in all NBA arenas since the 1980 season
  • Positive lock holds the rim in solid playing position
  • Completely enclosed positive lock
  • Anti-whip nylon net and the cord included
  • Automatically returns to playing position
  • Powder coated paint finish
  • 230 lb. pressure setting, two hole spacings available
  • 10 year warranty or breakaway mechanism
  • 2 year warranty on other rim components


AFRG42 Backboard

  • 42"x72" backboard, 5"x4" hole spacing
  • 1/2" tempered glaass set in heavy extruded aluminum framing
  • Official border and target area fired into glass
  • Heavy steel goal mounting plates, insulated and strengthened by an acrylic cushioned plate
  • Meets all NCAA and NFHS specifications


ARG Backboard

  • Built-in adapter means easy installation for changing from fanshaped boards to a 42"x72" reduced sized rectangular board
  • 1/2 tempered glass is set in heavy steel frames and cushioned by shock absorbing vinyl molding
  • Steel goal mounting plates are insulated and strengthened by an acrylic cushioned plate
  • Adapter brackets are positioned at 20" vertical and 35" horizontal centers, standard fan mounting dimensions
  • Meets all NCAA and NFHS specifications

1266 Reverse Mount Board

1266 Backboard

  • Official size, 35"x54" reverse mount board
  • Single piece of 12 gauge steel reinforced with 12 gauge horizontal channel sections and a heavy 10 gauge vertical channel
  • All reinforced sections are welded to the shell to make a single, vibration-free unit
  • Phosphate treated and powder coated for maximum protection against weathering
  • Mounting keyhole slots positioned at 20" vertical, 35" horizontal
2000+ breakaway goal

2000+ Collegiate Goal

The most popular breakaway goal on the market. The 2000+ includes a damper device to prevent the flyback action that occurs with other rims.

  • Universal goal mounting plate accommodates both 42" and 48" rectangular and fan shaped backboards.
  • Positive lock holds rim in solid playing positions
  • The 2000+ features a durable powder coated finish and continuous no-tie ring
  • Meets all NCAA and NFHS specifications
  • GAW anti-whip net and hardware included
  • Flush mount design eliminates the needs for front mounting plates.

6600 breakaway goals

6600 Scholastic Goal

The Scholastic 6600 Breakaway was designed for playground users tired of continually replacing bent and broken goals. No costly adapters are needed with the 6600, direct reverse mount design fits the 1266 (above) and most other reverse mount boards.

  • 5/8" high strength ring supported by a continuous welded wrap-around brace
  • Durable powder coated paint finish
  • Continuous no-tie ring
  • GGN nylon net and hardware included

66T Goal

66T Goal

Standard goal for most official fan-shaped reverse mount backboards. Official size 18" ring of 5/8" round steel, with 12 no-tie holders. Braces of 3/16"x 1 1/2" steel reinforce ring from beneath for almost half its width. Official powder coated orange enamel. Official goal for 1266 backboard (above). Complete with GGN net and zinc plated hardware.

More Replacement Goals with Mounting Hole Patterns

Goal Nets
Mounting Holes
Mounting Holes


The Varsity Toss Back

Varsity Toss Back

Still recognized as the finest basketball training equipment, the Varsity is designed for use at top level basketball instruction. The Varsity provides intensive skill training to dramatically improve the player's quickness and strength required for today's game.

The Varsity improves control, increasing quickness. Command drills incorporating ball handling conditions and strengthens players. Varsity demands accurate passes, reducing turnovers and errors. Game situations, rebounds and plays can be reenacted over and over, honing and sharpening playing skills.

The Varsity roll-around base provides easy mobility and strong support. Simply roll the unit into position and lock securely, using the foot brake lever. This base adapts to previously designed Varsity units and requires less storage space than original units.

Net frame height is easily adjusted from 4'5"" to 7'4 1/4". The net frame (38" X 51") is quickly positioned for different types of return passes.

Mc Call's Rebounter

Mc Call's Rebounder

  • Finest training device for developing rebounding skills
  • Helps players improve balance,timing,coordination, jump capability, and stamina under the rim
  • Height adjustable from 7' to 12' using heavy duty winch
  • Rolling base results in easy movement
  • MR712 - Rolling base, 7'-12' adjustable height

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